About us

When Heinz-Dietmar­ Hantke and Hans-Georg­ Nicgorski founded the HANIC GmbH in 1983, nobody could have guessed how the company's success story would develop in the following decade. The soft­ware developed by the founders of HANIC was the basis of the current product range, which consists of a complete range of software needed in the flat glass industry.

During the years the HANIC products have been success­fully sold world­wide in various languages. The Glass Enter­prise Resource Planning Module OPTIPLUS and the Production Planning System OPTIFER are synonyms for stable and secure software which can be customized to the specific needs of our customers.

The positive trend of HANIC GmbH also derives from the fact that we under­stand our customers based on the right skills, technical knowledge and practical experience. Our primary philosophy is that we work with our customers as long term partners. We maintain a fair way with all partners through open and honest communication on a basis of cooperative and successful cooperation.

This primary philosophy that started with the company's founders is still in place today and is the basis for the long-­term success of HANIC GmbH.
We want our customers and partners to be confident and highly satisfied.

With our products and services we create a benefit for our customers and partners and quality is for HANIC not only a product but we also stand for quality of our relation­ships.

With the increasing inter­nationalisation HANIC has created the preconditions for our motto to stay valid in the future:

The success of our customers is the measure of our actions: yesterday, today and tomorrow.